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Tip 1 – Top 5 Dating Mistakes to Avoid as an Entrepreneur

I’m reading through my book on the top five dating mistakes to avoid as an Entrepreneur and I just couldn’t resist sharing this point on “REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR SCHEDULES”.

You know it’s “funciting” when going out with your special someone that you want to spend eternity together, shopping, being at the movies, playing together and what have you; that you might overlook important business schedules and timelines you must keep. Isn’t it?

You start postponing important appointments because of spending longer lunch hours together, eventually you stop doing your quite times, personal meditation and self development to help you improve and grow your business dramatically.

Odo y3 de di3 ???

While you’re busy singing “he/she means the world to me” your world would gradually crumble and you’ll be out of business with an empty bank account tomorrow if you fail to develop the discipline of keeping to your schedules while you date. THINK ABOUT IT and pre-order your copy for more useful tips to help you have a fruitful relationship and a thriving business at the same time.

Yours Truly Me ?❤???

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